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Other Plans Feat. Corrin Huddleston

Bill Sunkel
Bill & Rob Sunkel


And here is the alternate version of "Other Plans" with Corrin Huddleston on chromatic harmonica.

A few comments about my session with Corrin:  This is one of the nicest people with whom I've had the pleasure to work.  A great player and a true artist, collaborative and always working for the song, i.e., to find its essence and bring it to the fore.  The tone, clarity and precision of his playing speaks for itself, as does his beautifully nuanced phrasing.  When we began the session, we talked about the track and it was clear that Corrin understood the pain of the lyric, and he expressed that through his harp.  I told Corrin that I envisioned a harmonica part along the lines of what the late, great Toots Thielemans might have played (or even Stevie Wonder), and I think he delivered. 

For the techies, we recorded the harmonica using two separate mics (one cardioid and one condenser, set at different distances), which produces an airy, ambient, dimensional tone that contrasts nicely with the gruff, stark intimacy of the vocal and guitar, but never interferes with the mood of loneliness and solitude the song attempts to convey.  Personally, I see the singer/guitarist sitting on a single bed in his seedy apartment or perhaps a hotel room, whiskey bottle by his side, while the harpist stands in a puddle of light out on the darkened street below, leaning on a streetlamp.

Let me know what you think.


You can go your lonely way
’Cause I’ve made other plans
No need to ask if I’m okay
Yes, I’ve made other plans
Tonight I’ll sing myself to sleep
Holding me close this old guitar
Trying to take my mind off where you may be
With the whiskey in this jar, oh baby
You don’t need to justify your choice
I’m sure you deserve a better man
Still, listen closely to my voice
’Cause I’ve made other plans
How could you know that it was you
Who steadied me through stormy days?
Maybe I’ll find another star to guide me
Sail to an island far away and hide me
 (Instrumental Verse)
Each now and then, I’ll reminisce
About every kiss we never had
I’ll count your face among my favorite daydreams
And when the wind whispers your voice, God save me
Some day you may come across
A torn and faded photograph
And you might laugh, but please don’t weep for what we lost
When we made other plans
Yes, we made other plans