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Bill Sunkel

Bill Sunkel is a New York City born and raised singer-songwriter who has had the privilege of working with many great musicians, vocalists, songwriters and producers over his career, including The Rascals' Felix Cavaliere and Laurie Records' Gene Schwartz.  He served as lead vocalist and keyboardist for bands like Desperate Measures, Pariah, The Eyes, Rich Mars & The Martians, Plan B and The Kingsbridge Armoury.  At age 57, Bill is more prolific than ever and has returned to full-on active status, with the goal of placing songs with both established and up-and-coming artists.  He describes his songwriting style as "Steely Dan Garage Band," but his melodic, sophisticated, intelligent and soulful songs range from jazz-rock to R&B to country-pop to folk.  He blames The Beatles and Brian Wilson for his schizophrenic style, because they taught him early on that limits and labels can only define you if you let them.  Bill writes and records (and frequently performs live) with his long-time bandmate and longer-time brother, Rob, whose world-class vocal harmonies and brilliant musicianship grace many of the recordings featured on this site.